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Your Happy Journey starts with BusTech

A quick look at what we stand for and how we can add value to you.

Vision & Mission

Established in 2011, Bus Tech Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s premier bus services providers in Singapore. 

Our Vision: To make Bus Tech synonymous with safety, reliability and punctuality. 

Our Mission: To make our passengers and their family members feel safe and comfortable when they ride with us every time.

Our Strategies:

  • Our drivers will be educated and informed to put safety of the passengers their number one priority.

  • Our management team will make use of technology and its benefits to ensure punctuality and reliability.

  • The values of “family” will be extended to all our employees, service partners and also their family members.

Be Our Service Partner

Some people say that owning a vehicle in Singapore is too expensive and they are liabilities. At Bus Tech, we believe that it is possible to both own a vehicle and use it to make money for yourself!

Join us as a service partner at Bus Tech and start making your vehicle make money for you!

Fill up the form below or email us at Ops@bustech.sg if you have any questions about joining us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new licence to drive a passenger van/minibus?

Yes, you need a Bus Driver’s Vocational Licence. You need to attend a course but there is no practical test. Course details can be found at this link. (https://www.bbdc.sg/bbweb/CoursesAvailable/OtherCourses/BusDriverVocationalLicenceCourse.aspx)

I do not have any experience in this industry. Is there any help given to me?

Most definitely! There will be a one week mentoring programme by our Directors and we will also provide a starter pack for you so that you can hit the ground running!

Terms of Service


All our prices are nett on this website. GST is included.


We accept VISA and MASTERCARD debit and credit card payments. We ensure accuracy in our billing as all our transactions are automatically processed.


We shall be entitled to cancel or terminate our obligations to fulfill any order, for any reason whatsoever, even after an order is confirmed by, and paid for by the customer, with or without notice and we shall not be liable to any party for such termination or cancellation. In such event, the customer send a refund request to enquiries@bustech.sg and the amount to be refunded will be discussed and agreed on by us and the customer.


We welcome your feedback. Should you feel dissatisfied with any of our services, please contact: Mr. Roger Shin Director(Ops & Human Resource) 3016 Bedok North Avenue 4 #02-06, Eastech, Singapore 489947 Email: rogershin@bustech.sg Tel: 9100 9186


We treat all transactions and customers' particulars with the strictest confidence. Please refer to our privacy policy at https://bustech17.wordpress.com/PrivacyPolicy#/


All rights in the contents of https://bustech17.wordpress.com/ are fully controlled and owned by Bus Tech Pte Ltd. No part of this website may be reproduced in any form without our written permission. By choosing to access our website, you agree that you may only download the content strictly for your own viewing or for your own personal non-commercial use at all times. Except only with the prior written approval, consent and permission of Bus Tech Pte Ltd, you are not permitted to: (a) download, copy or store, in any medium or form; (b) reproduce, publish, broadcast, transmit or show, in any other website or webpage or in any other medium whatsoever; and/or (c) adapt or change in any way, the contents for any purpose whatsoever. Bus Tech Pte Ltd reserves the right to take any and all legal actions against and/or to prosecute any person who infringes or repeatedly infringes our copyrights or other intellectual property rights.


We reserve the right to update this TERMS OF SERVICE from time to time as we expand our services. We will post a notice on our home page to inform you that an update has been made. Your use of the website after this Policy has been updated will be deemed acceptance of the updated Policy. Upon completion of payment for any trips signed with Bus Tech Pte Ltd, you had agreed on the Terms & Conditions listed on https://bustech17.wordpress.com/terms-and-conditions/

Terms & Conditions


  1. Bus transportation service will be provided for registered children of schools in contract with Bus Tech Pte Ltd only.
  2. Submission of the registration form does not mean children are guaranteed a seat on the bus service.
  3. Bus service for all registered children will only commence on the first school day of every month after Bus Tech Pte Ltd has received payment of bus fees for the term.

Bus Transportation Service

  1. Bus service will be provided only from/to the residential address as provided on the registration form. Any other address, other than the officially registered address, will not be entertained for security reasons.
  2. Children registered for transport must only travel on their designated bus at their designated time.
  3. Short-term/ad-hoc basis of bus service will not be provided. The minimum term of service is a full school term. There will not be any refund should the bus service be terminated within this time period.
  4. No ad-hoc changes to the bus transportation service will be accepted. All special arrangement must be written in request to the school at least one week before and subjected to the approval of Bus Tech Pte Ltd.
  5. Trial bus service is available for pre-schoolers, subject to a minimum of a 1 month fare charge.
  6. Parents are advised to be punctual at the designated pickup/alighting point and the bus driver will only wait for 2 minutes from the given time if the bus arrives punctually.
  7. Please allow a 10 minutes waiting time to allow for unforeseen traffic conditions or other reasons that may affect the punctuality of the bus. The bus driver or bus attendant will inform as soon as possible if the delay is more than 10 minutes from given time.

Payment of Bus Fares

  1. Bus fares are payable before the start of each school term. .
  2. Bus Tech Pte Ltd and the school reserve the right to refuse service to any children in the event that payment has not been made.
  3. Bus fares are payable in full, from the commencement of the bus service, till the last day of the bus service.
  4. Bus Tech Pte Ltd and the school reserve the right to revise the bus fares when necessary to ensure seamless continued service.
  5. Bus Tech Pte Ltd will provide minimum 1 month notification period given in writing should there be any price revision.

Termination of Bus Service

  1. A formal written notice of termination, addressed to Bus Tech Pte Ltd (c/o the school), is required for termination of the bus service.
  2. Termination of the bus service has to be submitted in written notice at least 2 weeks in advance. Continued absence from school, or the non-usage of the bus service, is not deemed to be a notice of termination of bus service. As such, bus fares shall continue to be payable during this period, until an official notice of termination of service is served.
  3. Bus fares refund, if applicable, are pro-rated on a weekly basis.
  4. A minimum of 2 weeks' fare-paying notice has to be served. The last day of service shall be 2 weeks from the date of notice.
  5. Bus fares for the termination notice period must be settled in full
  6. Bus fares paid in advance beyond the termination notice period shall be refunded on a weekly pro-rata basis. If the last day fails on a weekday, the full fare for the week shall be deemed as payable. The minimum term of service for a full school term applies.
  7. Passengers who wish to terminate the bus service in the middle of a school term, and wish to re-register for the bus service upon a new school term reopening will be considered as a new registration and subjected to the approval of Bus Tech Pte Ltd and the school.


  1. Bus Tech Pte Ltd reserves the right to change designated buses, bus routing, bus drivers and bus attendants.
  2. Bus Tech Pte Ltd and the school reserve the right to discontinue bus transport service for a child, for any reasons whatsoever, judged to be in the best interest of the bus service provider.

Method of Payment

  1. Payments will only be accepted via bank transfer or credit card payment on our website https://bustech17.wordpress.com/.
  2. A tax invoice/receipt will not be issued. Please email to enquiry@bustech.sg to request for tax invoice/receipt.


From the Managing Director to the Bus Attendant we are committed to make your journey a happy one.

Always Happy

Always Learning

Always Together